We are a 98 acre farm located in Central Kentucky
30 miles south of Lexington.
Our goal is to produce horses that are suited for trail
or rail.

Goals for our breeding program include:
  • Producing horses with a smooth gait
  • Horses that have excellent temperaments, and
    intelligence for training
  • Excellent Conformation including a natural
    headset and animated front end and head bob
  • Classic roan color
  • Blood lines that are consistent producers of
    champion horses e.g Merry Boy, Midnight Sun,
    Johnnie Cash, Carbon Copy, Generator,
    Pusher, Jose' Jose', Quarterback's Super Stock,
    Triple Threat, Lightfoot, Ebony Masterpiece and
    many, Many others that either Blue or his Ladies
    carry.  We believe that you must breed the best
    mares and select a wonderful sire to make a colt
    worthy of reproducing
  • Maintaining our horses health and the health of
    their foal is the final goal
We are inspired by  the Creator., who we are quick to credit in all good things! This is a
horse site, but who can forget the manufacturer that we provides us with the little
packages each year.  Below are links to those who inspire us.  Ron Heagy, who has
overcome adversity, Arnold Murray, Who educates us daily and reminds us to stay in
the word and Rabbi Daniel  Lapin that reminds us of sound Biblical principals that the
Bible provides.  This page is not meant to imply that we are perfect, far form it!  It
presents how we are led and inspired to overcome our pitiful nature
Check out this  Rabbi - What a wonderful perspective
Follow this link to a Pastor that teaches the Bible line by line and
verse by verse - Arm yourself with the word of God
Click here to go to the Interview with God web site and click on the
presentation button if you need to see more of God's handy work
These are my most treasured Blessings, My Wonderful Husband, Danny,  My Wonderful Children: Adam to the left, Brian to the right with his beautiful wife,
Narayan. In the center below Danny and the girls are Micky the German Sheperd under attack by Bia the tough little Yorkie
We no longer own Blue, you
can Click here to hear more
about Blue and our story