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Below shows Blue at his new home
with Jamie Noe
615 828-8787

Cell 859 339 2004 text friendly Call or e-mail if you would like your DR Blue colt or filly placed on the colt pages or e mail with a picture
and copy of papers to
We breed Tennessee walking horses that are
companions with  excellent gait.  
We breed for gait,  style, sense and color.
The D R in Generator's DR Blue came from Danny Rorrer
my father, that passed away.  I told him  that there were be
colts in every state and 2 countries with his initials in them.
I worked for 11 years to promote him and honor this promise
before he was sold.
Thanks to  PJ Wamble for taking these
pictures Of DR Blue for me
Danny Rorrer was an awesome gentleman that would give the shirt off his back to someone in need.
He grew up during the depression years and did everything from riding a motorcycle in the death cage while traveling with a carnival to manufacturing vending machines and video games.
He was always quick to smile or share a story.   He was able to make anything work, but always remained humble.
If a picture says a thousand words, how many does a video convey???
We no longer have a for sale button,  as we have sold out. Thanks to every one who purchased from us and thanks for the
updates.  May God bless all the pretty colts we were blessed to sale
and their owners. It has been a wonderful ride with very
few bumps due to having gaited horses..  Contact Jamie Noe for fantastic horses in the future.  His information is at the
bottom of the page.