Thank you for checking out our site.  We breed level headed, smooth gaited horses that are both beautiful
Blood lines that appear on our colt's papers include Jose Jose, Ebony Masterpiece Carbon Copy, Merry Go Boy,
Midnight Sun, Generator, Quarterbacks Super stock, Delight's Fantastic,Pride's Stormy Night, Pride's Sister, Pusher,
and Triple Threat.

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We breed walking horses that are trustworthy companions with  excellent gait.  We want your next
riding partner to be comfortable and beautiful on a long trail or while you show We breed for gait,  
style, sense and color

.We have 3 stallions and 3 fillies left that are  sired by DR Blue
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Our Goal:
We are the first to
credit the creator for
the  wonderful gifts
he has given us and
hope  to glorify God
and bless others
with how we handle
our dealings.
Video of Colt's Gait.  
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Photos by PJ Wamble
Our color consultant
The DR, in
Generator's DR
Blue came as a
promise to my
Father, Danny
Rorrer that there
would be colts
in 50 states with
his initials on
their papers. He
is still working
on that promise,
down in TN.  
Call for information on DR Blue call:  615 828 8787
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Who now owns  this beautiful  
Below shows Blue at his new home with Jamie Noe
Look for updates in the spring on our mare
page.  We have several colts and fillies as well
as some very well bred mares that will be for
sale. Call  859 792 3736 or
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